Bank History

The Social co-operative bank provides all kind of services from merchants to the middle class person.

Success can become only possible by challenging time, situation, problems and conflicts. The bank is the best example of it. The incorporation of this bank took place on 18th of March 1965 in a small rented building and today it provides assistance to the financially weak class . For example, factory workers and small vendors.

Shree Maheshbhai Jashvantlal shah is the founder member of the Social Co-Operative Bank. During the period of year 1960 there were just one or two co-operative banks in Ahmedabad. There were so many questions. There was the urgent and very important need of the new consumer co-operative bank in Ahmedabad. It was very difficult to win the trust of people at the time of share issuance. After sorting out the initial problems, the actual work of the bank gets started on 10th June 1965. This initial starting of the bank had taken place with just Rs. 20600 of share capital, Rs. 800 of deposits and with 40 members. Then on its way to progress, the bank started working from the rented building to its own building since 1980. Then after, the bank had opened its own branch in the year 1993.